Hawk Trail Riding - passionate about motorcycling

Hawk Trail Riding are based in the Vale of White Horse, South West Oxfordshire, not far from the famous Ridgeway, one of the oldest roads in Europe, if not the Oldest!

Our aim is to create a personal and bespoke experience for individuals or groups of like minded motorcyclists looking to explore everything the countryside has to offer.

The North Wessex Downs is one of the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty with  plenty of trails and byways to explore.

The trails can be tailored to all levels of experience and ability.


Our founder, Phil Keyte, will do all the planning so you can just turn up on the day and enjoy the trails and the countryside.


Single riders

I can accommodate single riders £150 per day buts its an expensive day for one person better for groups to book if you can.

Group bookings

Two riders £75 each

Three riders £50 each

Four riders  £40 each

5-6 riders £35 each

Two day bookings available

Please let me know your needs and I will put something together for you and your friends to make sure you get a bespoke weekend.

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